Uploading Files & Images to a Tenancy

KITT lets you upload files and images to a tenancy you have created, so that you can store useful information all in the same place. Things like copies of the tenancy agreement, the bond form, pictures of property damage etc can all be useful to have on hand wherever you are.

Getting Started
From the Tenancies section of your Portfolio, click on the tenancy that you wish to modify. This will take you to the tenancy view page.

Selecting a tenancy. For this example I will use the tenancy for 6 Maybeck Road.

Uploading Files/Images
On the tenancy view page, scroll down until you find the Files and Images section. Click on the arrow on the right hand side of the section to open it up.

Opening up the Files and Images section on the tenancy view page.

This is where you will find any files and images you have added to this tenancy. Select Upload Files to begin uploading a file or an image.

In this example tenancy for 6 Maybeck Road I don't have any files added yet.

Click on the grey rectangle to choose a file from your computer or drag a file onto the grey rectangle to upload it.

The uploader rectangle. Drag your file here or click on it to choose a file from your computer.

Your file should appear below the uploader rectangle once they have uploaded. You will need to give them a tag, so select an appropriate tag from the drop down menu. Tags are used to help remember what each file is for. If none of the tags in the menu match your file, you can use the Custom tag and enter your own.

In this example I have uploaded a tenancy agreement for my tenancy and selected the tag Tenancy Agreement from the dropdown menu.

Once you are done, select Upload Files to finish.