Property How to calculate rental yield

Gross rental yield is calculated by using the formula (rental income weekly x 52) / property value) x 100. The property value can be either market value or purchase price.

Tax Labours new 2018 Budget and How it will Impact Property Investing.

Labours 2018 Budget has now been released by finance minister Grant Robertson. Here's how the budget will affect the housing industry and the policy changes it comes with. Housing and Taxes: The two

Tax Labour has announced a ban on negative gearing will begin by the end of 2018.

Labour has announced some major shakeups in the New Zealand Government's first Budget for 2018 - including tackling issues such as health, education and especially housing. The government are now beginning their move

Tax Negative Gearing tax, and what it means for landlords and investors.

Labour is preparing to release a policy tackling the practice of negative gearing in the property rental industry, saying “rich property speculators are getting even richer as a result of the current tax

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