Setup - Adding a Tenant

After adding a tenancy to KITT, the next logical step is to add tenants to that tenancy. You can add multiple tenants to your first tenancy in this step of your KITT setup.

Step 1
Enter the tenant details. KITT requires first and last names, an email address and a mobile phone number for each tenant. Having both forms of communication for every tenant is extremely useful.


Step 2
Click Next Step to create the tenant. You will see a list of tenants you have added to your first tenancy. Here you have the option to add another tenant to this tenancy, or continue on to the next step if you have added all tenants to the tenancy. You can add as many tenants as needed to your tenancies, as well as add/remove tenants later on.


And that's it, you can click the Next Step button to finish adding your first tenant(s) to KITT.