Setup - Adding a Property

Adding a property from your portfolio is the best way to get started with KITT. Properties are the basic building blocks for how KITT helps you to track and manage your investments. From there you can add Tenancies, Tenants, Suppliers and Bank Feeds to your KITT account but it all starts with your properties.

Step 1
Search for and select the address of your property. KITT uses the Google maps API to search for properties, so begin typing the address and a dropdown menu of suggested addresses will appear. When the correct address appears, click to select it as your property's address.

Step 2
Select a property type from the dropdown menu. There are currently four property types to choose from - Studio (studio rooms), Flat, Apartment and House. If you don't feel like any of these apply to your property, choose the one you think is the closest fit and send a message to KITT customer support with any suggestions you might have.

Step 3 (optional)
Enter the current or recent value of your property. This step is entirely optional but can be useful information to have on hand later on. This can always be added later if you don't have a current or recent valuation available when adding a property to KITT.

Step 4 (optional)
Give your property a brief description. This is also entirely optional but can be helpful when distinguishing between multiple buildings, apartments, studios or rooms at the same address. You can always add or edit this description later on.

And that's it, you can click the Next button to add your first property to KITT.