QIF Uploading

You can easily add a QIF file to Kitt, this is useful for grabbing older transactions to back date your portfolio data.

This is also currently the only way you can manually create accounts with bank transactions on Kitt.

Step 1 Download your QIF from your online banking
- Log in to your chosen bank
- Navigate to the page which shows transactions
- Export the transactions as a QIF

When exporting transactions from your online banking, you can often select date ranges. If you have connected a bank account through Kitt, it will automatically download the last 2 months of transactions for you, so when getting transactions before 2 months, make sure the correct date range is selected.

Step 2 Go to Kitt, and navigate to the Bank Feeds page.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5 Select the QIF file from your computer (Check your download location was when you downloaded it from your online banking)

Step 6 A popup will show, and you can view the transactions to make sure they are all correct before uploading.

Step 7 Simply click 'upload' and you are done!