Matching Multiple Transactions

If you have multiple smaller payments contributing towards a single invoice, you can "split" the invoice across theses transactions. Click Split on a matching invoice to begin reconciling.

An example of a transaction that doesn't pay the entire invoice. Notice the transaction is $50 and the invoice is for $115.

Enter the amount of the invoice that the transaction will pay and select Split.

This transaction is paying $50 towards an invoice for $115. The invoice will then have $65 remaining to be paid.

You should now be back at the reconcile screen. You can click Unsplit to undo the split, or Match to finish reconciling this transaction.

The partially paid invoice in the reconciliation view.

The invoice will be updated with the new amount owing. Repeat this process with the other partial payments to finish reconciling this invoice.

See Reconciling Transactions for other types of transaction matching.