Matching a New Invoice/Bill

If there are no matching invoices/bills in the list of possible matches, you can always create one that does match the transaction. To begin, select New Payment.

Selecting "New Payment" to begin creating a new bill.

Select a contact from the dropdown menu.

This menu contains all of the contacts you have added to KITT.

If you don't have the person or entity in your contacts you can create a new contact at the same time as the invoice/bill by clicking New Contact.

New contact "Glen Hammer" will be created as well as the new bill.

Select the appropriate income/expense account from the dropdown menu. See creating a new account if you can't find the account you want here.

This example bill is for property maintenance.

Add a payment description and select Create to generate the invoice/bill.

As you can see, this new bill has been sent to me by a new contact, "Glen Hammer", for "sweeping the garage" at one of my properties. He has billed me for $10 and I have assigned the expense to my "Repairs and Maintenance" expense account.

You should now be back at the reconcile screen with the new invoice/bill in the list of possible matches. Select Match to finish reconciling.

The new bill ready to be matched.

See Reconciling Transactions for other types of transaction matching.