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Written by Kitt
24 April 2018 3 min read

Who said building a relationship was easy?

It is no secret that a relationship between a landlord and a tenant can go sour. Very quickly.

There is always a middle ground that is required for both parties, one that relies on mutual satisfaction. Renters want security and assurance that the property will be taken care of, and their voices to be heard. In turn, landlords depend on their tenant to keep up with payments and notify them of maintenance needs or any other issues. These wants and needs all boil down to one thing.


Technology is one of the best ways landlords to facilitate this, and can help landlords simplify the entire renting process. Less work and less stress.

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Heres a list of things what technology can do for you.

Integrate Technology in the rental process

With tenants planning to rent properties on the rise, more and more landlords are looking for ways to simplify the overall renting process through technology and closing the communication gap between landlord and tenant.
Integrating technology makes rental management simple and efficient, by giving landlords access to the relevant information at their fingertips such as payment history, maintenance logs and a history of all communications with tenants. All of this information can be digitised and catalogued using current technology.

Managing your property using innovative technologies not only creates a unique selling point, but can also make the renting experience much better for you and your tenants.

Resolve disputes easily

One important issue between landlords and tenants remains settling potential disputes Settling disputes with tenants can be a major headache for landlords. Many disputes between landlords and tenants take place because of disagreements about what constitutes wear and tear.

In order to solve this issue, landlords can use technology to create a detailed inventory, which will take place at the beginning and end of a tenancy. Not only it will show what is expected from the tenant in terms of maintaining the condition of the property, it also benefits the landlords as it can help them avoid potential disagreements with the tenant.

When going over the differences with the tenant, landlords need evidence. This is where technology can comes in the picture. This means that landlords now have all the information at their disposal online, anytime, anywhere — including inventories, photographs of potential issues and detailed checklists and reports.

Creating a report online means that both landlords and tenants will be now able to have proof of the details of the condition of the property, as well as a list of fixtures, fittings and furnishings, before the tenant moves in. Renting should be as transparent as possible between landlords and tenants. Technology can bring about transparent renting, building real tenant-landlord relationships.

By willing to compromise and have documents and photographic evidence online for all to see, backing up claims and disputes becomes much simpler to deal with. Both landlords and tenants can now better communicate and work together as one to sort out their differences.

Keep on top of paperwork

As our lives get busier and busier, it is not a surprise that vital documents go missing or that as a landlord, you forget to send some important paperwork that might be needed at a certain time.

Landlords who own multiple properties might consider in investing in apps or websites that can store and organize documents in one place. Having everything secure online. Landlords can organize, process and send documents faster saving time for both landlords and tenants.

Just like paper receipts, desktop based accounting solutions are archaic and are the thing of the past. Having a cloud based accounting solution will provide three main benefits: (1) access to real time data & reporting; (2) easy to share with team or accountant; (3) easy integration with other applications.

Also; since everything is stored online these documents can be used when needed. Such as in the event that a landlord might need to take action against a tenant who may not comply with the rules, or when a landlord needs to remain compliant.

Kitt is a digital, cloud-based property management platform for self-managing landlords and property investors. Covering everything from bookkeeping, ordering jobs, checking rent, managing inspections, accounting and loads more.

Kitt also helps landlords to document, store and retrieve valuable information and data that can be extremely helpful throughout the course of a rental term. By using Kitt, landlords can be relieved of any concerns!

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