Feature Roadmap

Kitt has big plans, but currently we are testing some of the core features needed for succesfully managing a property portfolio.

Current Features


Bookkeeping & Reporting

  • Reconcile Transactions
  • Payment Rules & Transaction Auto-matching
  • Create Reccuring / Non-recurring Invoices & Bills
  • Connect to online banking for the majority of NZ, AU, UK, CA, & US banks
  • Automatically pulls down 2 months of transactions from your bank
  • Create manual bank accounts (for manual QIF upload)
  • Upload transactions from QIF files
  • Create / Manage Chart of Accounts
  • Manage Starting Balances
  • Manage conversion dates
  • Journals & Ledger
  • Enhanced Reconciliation
  • Create P&L & Balance sheets
  • In-depth P&L & Balance sheet filters
  • Export Ledger as CSV

Portfolio Analysis

  • Portfolio overview (Cashflow / Yield)
  • Rental Yield (Gross, Net, and Current)
  • Portfolio/Property Budgeting
  • Predicted Cumulative Cashflow
  • Run Profit/Loss reports, and balance sheet reports
  • Portfolio Value
  • Portfolio gross potential
  • Capitalization Rate
  • Operating Expenses (+ operating expense ratio)
  • Operating Income (Gross, Net)


  • Enter in tenancy dates
  • Enter bond number and amount
  • Small checklist of a few important tasks
  • Add tenants to tenancies
  • Select head tenants
  • Keep a log of past tenants on the tenancy
  • View all rent payments (all, paid, unpaid)
  • Upload files and images
  • Update price, and keep a log of price history.
  • Keep track of rent on due on the tenancy
  • automatically creates a backlog of historical rent invoices (payments) from tenancy start date


  • Add tenancies to properties
  • Upload files
  • Track rent due across all tenancies on the property (useful for units)
  • Property Cashflow analysis
  • Property yield analysis
  • Property budget creation


  • Contact book
  • Change tenant tenancies,
  • Upload files on tenants
  • Keep a log of all your tenants and suppliers/contacts


  • In app notifications
  • Account Summary Email notifications


  • Create new account users
  • Add permissions to accounts
  • Portfolio Access Settings


  • Advanced Query/Filter Options

Planned / In-development

We have a massive backlog of features to develop, here is a list to give you an idea of what could be coming soon:

Portfolio Analysis:

  • Capital Analysis (Value, rates, LVR, DE, Cashflow + more)
  • Property gross potential (In development)
  • Automated Investment Suggestions
  • Other Key KPI tracking
  • Equity (+ debt to equity ratio)
  • Local Market data comparisons
  • Oppurtunity & Risk assessments
  • Market Data Comps
  • Intelligent Budgeting Suggestions


  • Bulk Reconciliation (In development)
  • Flag / untrack transactions
  • Send invoices/bills to suppliers and tenants
  • Get paid and pay directly through Kitt (Pay now invoices)
  • Manual Journals
  • Mortgage Payment Type (In development)
  • Property Payment Bill type (In development)


  • Nothing new in development


  • Create multiple portfolios (In development)
  • Video Tutorials (In development)
  • API Access
  • More Written Tutorials (In development)
  • CSV Exports (All Data)
  • Transactional emails (In development)