Creating an Invoice

In order to balance your books with KITT's bookkeeping system, you will need to match transactions going into your bank account with invoices describing what you received the income for. KITT can automatically generate rental invoices for you (see invoice generation), but any other type of invoice will need to be created manually.

Getting Started
Click on the Invoices & Bills section of Accounting to view a list your existing invoices.


If you haven't created any or used automatic invoice generation, don't panic if this list is empty.
Select Create Invoice to begin creating a new invoice.


Step 1
Enter the date that the invoice was issued, as well as the date that the invoice is due to be paid.


Step 2
Select a contact from the dropdown menu that the invoice has been issued to. If you don't have the person/company in your contacts list, you can select New Contact to add a new contact on the invoice that will also be added to your list of contacts.

Select "New Contact" to create a contact along with the invoice.

Select "Existing Contact" to choose from your contacts instead.

Step 3
Enter a reference that matches the reference you are expecting on your bank statement for the payment.


Step 4
Enter a short description of the item being invoiced for.


Step 5
Select the account associated with this income from the dropdown menu. Please note that this is a bookkeeping account, not a bank account. If the income doesn't match any of the accounts in the menu, you may need to create a new income account (see creating a new account) before you create this invoice.


Step 6
Enter a dollar amount for the invoiced item. If you are creating an invoice for multiple items, you can click on Add new line to add a new line to the invoice for a new item.


Step 7
If the invoice is associated with a tenancy and/or property in your portfolio, you can select the property and tenancy from two dropdown menus at the bottom of the invoice.


Select Create to finish creating the invoice.