Invoice Generation

If you have connected a bank to KITT, the last two months of transactions are tracked by default. Instead of manually creating invoices for two months or more (see uploading more transactions), KITT can generate all previous invoices for you.

An example of bank transactions tracked by KITT.

In order to balance your books with KITT's Bookkeeping system, you will need to match each incoming rent payment with an invoice (see reconciling transactions), so if you are adding a tenancy to KITT that has already begun you will likely need to create invoices for income already received. If you don't want to generate your invoices automatically, you can always create them manually (see creating an invoice).

Step 1
When viewing a tenancy you have added to KITT, select Activate Now from the Invoice Generation section.


Step 2
Select a starting date for invoice generation. Invoices will be generated automatically from this day until you disable Invoice Generation. The weekday or day of the month that you select will remain the same for every invoice generated (eg. every Tuesday for weekly payments, or the 1st of every month for monthly payments).


Step 3
Enter the reference that your tenants will use for their rent payments. This should be the reference that appears on your bank statements.


Step 4
Select the rental income account that you will associate with your rental income for your bookkeeping. By default, KITT will only have a single option - Rental Income. If you want the rental income to be added to a different account you can select Cancel and create another account (see Creating a New Account). Please note that this is a bookkeeping account, not a bank account.


Select Save to generate the invoices. If you have already added an invoice to this tenancy you may receive a warning message about duplicate invoices. Invoices cannot be deleted once they have been created and so duplicates can cause some tricky problems. If you are sure that you won't be creating any duplicate invoices you can ignore this warning and continue.

Once the last invoice for a tenancy has been generated, during the last day/week/fortnight/month of that tenancy, the invoice generation will stop. This will always be before (or very occasionally on) the end date of the tenancy.

Example tenancy after generating invoices.

You can turn invoice generation off by clicking the green button in the top section when looking at the tenancy. Any invoices that have already been generated will not be deleted or removed.

Turning invoice generation off.