Archiving a Tenancy

Once a tenancy has ended, it can be archived. Archiving a tenancy will set its status to Inactive, stop any invoice generation, and stop any future updates of the tenancy. This can help reduce clutter in the Tenancies section of your Portfolio, which shows your active tenancies by default.

Getting Started
From the Tenancies section of your Portfolio, click on the tenancy that you want to archive. If you want to archive a tenancy that is already inactive, click on the Inactive button to change to list to inactive tenancies.

The active tenancies list. In this example I will select the tenancy for 6 Maybeck Road.

Archiving the Tenancy
On the tenancy view page, click on the button in the top right corner to bring up a drop down menu of options.

The tenancy view page for 6 Maybeck Road.

From the drop down menu, select Archive Tenancy to archive the tenancy. You will be given a warning message and asked to confirm that you want to archive the tenancy. Once you click Confirm, the tenancy will be archived and can no longer be edited or updated.

Select the Archive Tenancy option in the drop down menu.