Adding a New Tenant to a Tenancy

After you have created a tenancy, you can add a new tenant to the tenancy directly from the tenancy view page. If you want to add an existing tenant to the tenancy, or remove a tenant from a tenancy, see the Contacts, Tenants & Suppliers help section.

Getting Started
From the Tenancies section of your Portfolio, click on the tenancy that you wish to modify. This will take you to the tenancy view page.

Selecting a tenancy. For this example I will use the tenancy for 6 Maybeck Road.

Adding a Tenant
On the tenancy view, scroll down until you find the Tenants section and click on the arrow on the right hand side of it to open the section.

Opening the Tenants section.

You can now see a list of the current tenants for this tenancy. To add a new tenant to this tenancy, select Add Tenant.

The list of current tenants.

Enter the details for the new tenant and select Done to create the tenant and add it to your tenancy.

Creating and adding the new tenant.