Adding Files & Images to a Property

You might like to add important files or pictures to one of your saved properties, so that you have the information on hand and all in one place for when you need it. This article will cover how to add files and images to a property in KITT.

Getting Started
From Properties in the Portfolio section of the side menu, select the property you want to add the files/images to.

In this example we will use 44 Grey St.

This will take you to the property view page. Click on the arrow next to Files & Images to open the Files & Images section.

The property view page for 44 Grey St.

If you have added a display image for your property it will show up here, as well as any other files and images you have added to this property. Select Upload Files to begin uploading.

The opened Files & Images section, showing the display image.

Uploading a File or Image
Click on the grey box to choose a file from your computer, or you can hold click and drag a file onto the grey box.

Here is where you can click or drag files to select them for uploading.

You can choose one of our pre-made tags to use for the file, or choose custom if you want to enter your own tag. Tags are just categories that approximately describe what the file is for.
You can add more files or images using the same steps as the first one. If you choose the wrong file or image by accident, you can click on the 'X' next to the file name to remove it from the upload.

In this example I have one file, "inspection", ready to upload. It has a custom tag "inspection notes".

Select Upload Files to finish uploading your files/images.