Adding a Tenant's Referee

Getting Started
Navigate to the Tenants section of your Contacts. Here you will see a list of all of the tenants you have added to KITT. Click on the tenant that you will be adding a referee for to open the tenant view page.

A list of all tenants. In this example I will be using the tenant called "Example Tenant".

Adding a Referee
On the tenant view page, scroll down until you see the Referees section and click on the arrow on the right hand side to open the section.

Opening the referee section.

This is where you can see any referees you have added for this tenant. Select Add Referee to add a new referee.

"Example Tenant" currently doesn't have any referees.

Enter in the referee name and contact number, then select Save and Update to save this referee.

Adding the new referee.

You will see the new referee has been added to the tenant's Referees section. You can edit or delete referees from this section, or add more.

The added referee. Click "Delete" to remove this referee, "Edit" to make changes, or "Add Referee" to add another referee.