Adding a Tenancy

KITT uses tenancies to track and evaluate your rental income, and keeps historical records of any previous tenancies you have saved. You can add as many tenancies as you like to any property, even future tenancies.

Getting Started
From the Properties section of your Portfolio, click on the property you would like to add a tenancy to from the list of properties you have added to kitt. This will take you to a more detailed view for that property.


Once you are viewing the property details, scroll down the page until you find the Active Tenancies section. This section lists any tenancies for this property that are currently active. Select Add Tenancy to begin adding a tenancy.


Step 1
Give your tenancy a description (optional but recommended) to help you identify it later on. This is especially useful for properties with tenancies for each room or floor.


Step 2
Enter the start date and (optionally) end date for the tenancy. If you don't have an end date you don't need to add one, or you can add one later.

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Step 3
Enter a price and payment frequency for the tenancy. There are currently four different options for payment frequency - Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly.

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Step 4 (optional)
Enter the bond amount for the tenancy and the bond code from NZ Tenancy Services. These are both optional but can be very useful information to have on hand in future, and can be added later if you don't fill them out when creating the tenancy.

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Step 5
Click Next to bring up the next screen, and enter the start date for invoices for this tenancy. This is the date you want KITT to start generating invoices for rental income from. If you are adding a tenancy that has yet to begin you will probably want to enter the date that the tenancy starts, but if you are adding a tenancy that has already begun, you can choose how far back you want KITT's invoice generation to start from. We recommend beginning invoice generation from the start of the tenancy.

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Click Create to finish adding the tenancy.