Adding a Bank

Connecting a bank lets KITT track transactions going to and from your connected bank account(s). KITT's bookkeeping system uses this information to help you match your income and expenses related to your property portfolio with real transactions to and from your bank accounts.

Getting Started
Navigate to the Bank Feeds section of the Bookkeeping section, using the side menu. Here you can see all of the banks you have connected to KITT.


Select Connect Account to begin connecting a bank account to KITT.


Step 1
Enter your bank in the search bar and click on the correct result from the dropdown menu. If you cannot find your bank, contact KITT support and a member of our team will provide assistance.


Step 2
Log in to your bank as you would log in to your online banking services, using your customer number and password. Please note that KITT uses a highly secure and well regarded third-party service, Salt Edge, to access your bank transactions and therefore no employee at KITT has any way of accessing your customer number or banking password. We will also never ask you for either of these, and you should only ever enter these details when connecting a bank to KITT.


Click Connect and then Confirm to finish connecting your bank account to KITT. This might take several minutes to finish.